10 Tips and Prompts for Writing a Travel Journal

If you’re reading this, I assume it’s because you are interested to document either your upcoming trip, or a trip you’d already taken.  Documenting in a travel journal can sometimes be a difficult task.  Just because with so many exciting activities happening, writing things down may be the last thing on your mind!  However, it doesn’t have to be hard.  I will include a list of tips and prompts to make the documentation more fun and exciting!

10 Tips and Prompts for Writing a Travel Journal

1. Do a small amount of writing every day!

If you haven’t started your trip yet, you can still start writing!  For example, you can write about why you want to go on this trip, or the reason for picking this certain destination.  You can also write about your expectation of this trip.  If you want, you can jot down some of the trip plans, i.e. write down the must-see places, or must-do list.  You don’t have to spend hours!  Give yourself 5-15 minutes to write something! This may help you create a writing momentum when you finally go on this exciting trip!

2. Jot down words that come to you while you’re on your trip

Let’s be real, depending on your travel style, sometimes traveling can be hectic.  By the end of the day, the bed is probably your best friend.  Instead of writing a long piece, what you can do is to jot down one or two words that come to your mind at any point of your day.  If you want to make sure you don’t forget what the word is about, write down the date, and the place you are at, so you can recall why you put down this word.  Afterwards, you can either expand your writing in regards to what you’d written down.  Or if you’re more artistic, you can use these words to create a text-silhouette of some sort.  For example, if it’s a trip to Paris, you can put all these words together and create a silhouette of the Eiffle Tower.

Tips Prompts Writing Travel Journal Eiffel Tower Text Silhouette

3. Bring tape (washi) or glue

Want to make your journal more interesting?  Bring tape or glue with you!  So you can include your tickets, candy wrappers, beer labels, trinkets, and whatever else you want!  One recommendation I have is washi tape.  Why washi tape?  That’s because washi tape is made from natural fibers (like bamboo or hemp) or the bark of trees native to Japan, so they are very durable for arts and craft.  These tapes come in many beautiful designs, so they will definitely dress up your journal!  Of course, this is only a suggestion, if you prefer glue, by all means, glue away!

4. Document specific location names

The main reason why I put this as a tip is because… I tend to easily forget.  I sometimes have a difficult time recalling specific names.  This is not limited to attractions you’re going to visit.  If for example, you have come across a “died and gone to heaven” chocolate store, or if you have tried an exceptional local restaurant, you’d want to remember these places so you can refer to them later!

5. Don’t just write, draw!

Sometimes, writing cannot express the entire feeling.  Maybe you want to draw/sketch the scene that is in front of you!  So you may want to bring a small amount of drawing tools with you.

6. Interactions make for a great story

Majority of the stories arise from people’s interactions.  It may be between you and the local people, or you and your travel companions.  Make sure to record down any conflicts, blunders, weird, or funny moments!

7. What has been happening in your life?

Sometimes, going on a trip is a means to escape.  Sometimes, going on a trip is a celebration.  It’s a great time to write about what has been happening in your life, and/or what you’d like your life to look like.  This will be a great piece of writing to look back on later on in life!

8. Things you would do differently next time

If you’re to go on the same trip again, would you do anything different?  For example, spend more time at a certain place, or try out something you decided not to do.

9. What did you learn about yourself on this trip?

Whether you are going on this trip solo, or with someone else, you can learn a lot about yourself.  What is something that you discovered about yourself that you hadn’t known before?  For example, do you get agitated easily? Do you find you constantly need to consciously push yourself out of your comfort zone?

10. Try again next time if this time doesn’t work!

Life happens, you go on vacation to have fun!  If you don’t end up writing anything and feels bad about it, DON’T!  Try again next time!  Whatever amount you’ve documented is good enough!


“Suggested Topics” Section in Wander in Colour Trip Planner

In all the Wander In Colour trip planners, I included a “Suggested Topics” section. The list of questions/prompts are slightly different in each book to gear toward the theme of the book.  The reason for including the “Suggested Topics” section is because I know how difficult it can be to think of what to write at times. However, I don’t want to scatter the topics throughout the trip planner as some do, because what if you don’t want to write about that topic on that page?  That’s why I have decided to put this section as an independent page near the front, where it can be easily accessed for inspiration. Hopefully, some of the suggestions will inspire you to write/document something else! All the Wander In Colour books are available on Amazon!  If you’re interested in them, please check them out!  Also, if you have bought a book and had used it, please let me know how you’d used them and give me any feedback that you have!

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