Affirmation Inspired by Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn was one of the speakers from the Publishing Summit.  After watching her interview, I became fascinated by this lady!  I went to her blog and learned more about her through this interview.  She talked about how she started writing, and the changes that happened since her first book.  She is very knowledgeable, interesting, and inspiring!  One of the stories I love the most is the affirmation note she wrote to herself.  Her affirmation was, “I am creative, I am an author.”   Even though she didn’t feel creative in the beginning, this was the note she looked at everyday.  I love it!   I feel this is what shifts the mind from “No, I can’t.” to “Yes, I can!”.  I have made an affirmation for myself too.  The little pig on the top is me.

my affirmation


I wrote the above affirmation because I don’t know what I want to write yet.  I hope this will help me through my journey.  Joanna is someone I would like to become some day.  I know I’m heading into an unknown territory.  I’m nervous about it, but will take one baby step at a time!


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