The BEST Self-Publishing Book for Canadians

There are a lot of resources about self-publishing online.  However, not a lot of information is geared toward Canadians.  Recently, I found this site called the Self-Publishing Adventure by Sarah Ettritch, where she posted a lot of great resources about self-publishing for Canadians.  I loved all the posts! In addition to the blog posts, Sarah wrote a book called Self-Publishing for Canadians (affiliated link), which I think is the best self-publishing book for Canadians!

The BEST Self-Publishing Book for Canadian

Best Publishing for Canadians

Since I started my book writing journey, I learned about self-publishing.  There are a lot of things we have to take care of in order to self-publish a book.  Pretty much, the author has to do it all, and take care of everything.  There are a lot of information online, but they are all geared toward American authors.  After I read through the articles and found such great values in the blog, I was more than happy to buy the book.  And I am very happy about the purchase.  There are a lot of information about book writing and publishing.

Overview of the book:

This book includes topics such as:

• How to polish your first draft – beta readers, professional editors, and more
• How to get ISBNs and CIP data
• Options for producing your print files
• Options for producing your ebook files
• How to get your books into all the major online bookstores
• How to publish to Kindle, kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play
• Canadian programs for publishers that can earn you extra money
• How to stop the IRS from keeping 30% of your revenue from book sales
• Audiobook production and distribution
• Options for selling books directly to readers
• How to avoid common mistakes

My thoughts:

I had been on the fence for a while about whether to publish a book through someone else, or if I should do it myself.  This is the book that settled my decision about publishing the books on my own.  I know that there are still a lot of things I need to learn and research about in order to set up my own business, but at least this book offers me the much needed information about the Canadian market.  If you live in Canada, and are unsure about whether you want to self-publish your book on your own or not, give this book a read.  Having more information will allow you to make better decisions.

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