Book Progress Hiatus

So the book progress has to be put on hold, because life has just taken over quite a bit.

We’re actually getting ready to move.  That’s because our landlord wants to move back into the place, and we had to find another place to move.  Luckily, we did find something, so now we need to pack so we can move out by the end of September.

My best friend, Avi, is getting married on Oct 8th.  So I am also planning the bachelor party for him on Sept 17th.  We’ll be going for archery tag, go karts, and dinner.  I hope that will turn out okay!

In the mean time, Anthony and I are also planning the Japan trip.  Avi and his fiance want to go to Japan for their honeymoon.  Since they’d never been, and I’d been to Japan a few times, they asked if we want to go with them. OF COURSE I said YES!  I will NEVER SAY NO to Japan!  It’s a good thing that Anthony is helping me plan this out because we’re going to a few more places other than Tokyo.  We’ll be going to Osaka, Kobe, Koyto, Hakone (for onsen), and Tokyo.  So this will be fun.

We’ll definitely have a busy few weeks ahead of us.  I hope I won’t have to put this off for too long so I can get back to it soon!

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