Wander In Colour

Wander In Colour is a line of colouring trip planner that helps you gather and share your travel stories effectively.  It also offers you a chance to relax with 13 colouring illustrations.

With the fast pace world full of technology, travel documentation has reached new height with instant posting of photos and interactions with viewers. However, I would like to bring you back to a slower and more relaxed/reflective state. I hope that this line of journal will bring you back to the present moment, and offer you a chance to reconnect with yourself while you’re documenting in it. The goal of this journal is to help you gather and organize your travel detail and stories in one place, so you can recall your adventure and share them easily with your friends/family. Without further ado, I would like to present you, my Wander In Colour – Colouring Trip Planner and Journal.

The very first book in line is the Wander in Colour: Japan edition.  Japan is one of the places where I will never say no to.  It is an awesome place to visit, and it never disappoints me.  That is the main reason why Japan ended up being the very first edition I created.  Click here to find out more about this edition.

Wander In Colour: Japan

The next planner I created is the general world edition of the Wander in Colour.  I want everyone to enjoy this planner!  So I want to make one that is more generic, and not specific to a spot. Check out this planner by clicking here.

Wander In Colour

The third planner is Wander in Colour: With Cats! This is another generic trip planner but geared toward cat lovers! If you are both a cat lover and a trip lover, then this journal is for you! Find out more here!

Wander In Colour: With Cats

All three of my books are available on Amazon!

If you want to know how to use Wander In Colour, I have created videos on how to use various sections.  You can check them out below:

Trip Index How toTrip Index Section


itinerary how toItinerary


flight schedules how toFlight Schedules


how to use accommodationAccommodations


10 tips prompts writing travel journalAlso, some Tips and Prompts for when you’re unsure what to write about.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Also, if you’ve purchased this planner and have used it, take photos and share them with me! I would love to see the final product! All my journals are now on Amazon!


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