Brand New Website!

I’m super excited!!! That’s because my husband, Anthony, helped me revamp my website design! He finally has time to work on it, and it looks really good!

There are a few things I changed.

The first is the logo. I updated the logo design to give it a more lively feeling.

This coloured design is for the website. The black and white design is still the official business logo.

The second change I made is the addition of the Resources section. This is where I share various resources that I found useful in my self-publishing journey. I will expand this section as I keep learning more.

I also added the Life & Family section. Since I have become a new mom, I think it’ll be nice to share things that I learned, things that I find useful, or random things about life that I think would be of interest to you.

And of course, the biggest change is the design and layout of the website. Here’s a screenshot of the old one.

old website

It was a nice website. I remember making that banner myself, and collaborating with Anthony about what I want on it. Initially, I had no clue what I want to put on it, or how I want it to be laid out. Now that I have spent a bit more time with the website, I have a better sense of which direction I want to take my blog, and how I want it to look like. I’m so glad that my husband is able to help me revamp my website to make it look more professional.

There are a lot of easy and cheap tools out there that you can use to make your own website. But if you want to make yours unique and professional, then it is best to have someone help you with it. I remember when I first started setting up my blog, I always find some sort of shortcomings in all the themes I tried out. But Anthony is able to help me personalize the website to the way I want. So if you need a new website, or if you want to update your website, I would recommend for you to get in contact with Anthony!

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