Bun in the Oven?

News flash!!  Well, not really.  While on the Japan trip, I had not been feeling too well.  There was one night I was super nauseous and lightheaded.  So we went for check up when we got back.  On November 7th, the result came back positive.  Even though the report said that I was pregnant, other than having nausea, I was kind of skeptical.  Until today…

Today, we went for our first ultrasound appointment.  The first thing that the ultrasound tech said was, “There is a heartbeat, and it’s healthy.  And there is only ONE.”  Thank goodness I’m only have one, and not twins (even though the chance of us having twins is not that high).

After the procedure was over, she showed us some pictures of Beanie.  We’d started calling it Beanie, because at first I thought it’d look like a Bean.  But obviously, it did not look like a bean.  We only sneaked 1 photo into our phone, because they were charging $30 for the ultrasound photos to be put on a CD.  And no, we’re not going to pay $30 for the CD, what a ripoff!

So here’s the 1 photo of Beanie:


I couldn’t help but comment… why is Beanie so Asian? Its two arms were positioned such that it looked like it’s holding up a peace sign.  Hahahaha!

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