How to Come Up with Business Name

Ladies and gentlemen, today I present to you my business name:  Wander Piggy!

How I came up with my business name

Coming up with a business name is one big ordeal.  It has to be unique. You need to love this name.  It has to represent what your business is about, and most of all, it has to represent you!  For the past few months, I didn’t really think about this name.  But now that my book is almost done, I need to put that name and logo on the book!  So I searched online and found this article by April Greer.

In order to come up with a name, April first wrote a bunch of words related to her and her business.  Then she circled the ones that spoke out to her, and she started to string them together.

My process:

So in order to come up with my own name, I also took on the same process.  Last night, I started to jot down words on the notebook.

Business name list 1

This is the first page of the words.

(See the pork chop, ramen and takoyaki?) Hahaha!

Business name list 2

This is the second page of the list.

After I wrote out the list, I went to bed.  Today, I looked at it again, and it came to me!  Wander Piggy!  The Wander is part of wanderlust, and Piggy is me.  I had always drawn a pig to represent myself.  So in order to make sure the name is a good one.  I also did the following:

Go to KnowEm and search for the name.

You can input the name in the search bar in KnowEm, and it will check against all the domain sites and social media sites to tell you whether the name is available or taken.

If it is not taken, great!  If it is, then you can do some tweeking or try something else.  Just remember, if it is something you really love, get the domain and sign up for all sites right away, so no one else will take it from you!

I would love to know what your process is like when you came up with your business name.  Please share your story with me!


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