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Book Progress Hiatus

So the book progress has to be put on hold, because life has just taken over quite a bit. We’re actually getting ready to move.  That’s because our landlord wants to move back into the place, and we had to find another place to move.  Luckily, we did find something, so now we need to pack so we can move out by the end of September. My best friend, Avi, …
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Wedding Day Over!

After so many months, the wedding day is finally over! We’re waiting at the airport to fly out now.  We’ll be going to Manila first to see Anthony’s family.  I’d never met his family before.  His dad’s health has been declining, so we want to see him first.  We’ll be in Manila for 1 week, and then we’ll be flying to Tokyo and spend another week there. So all of …
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Engagement Photos!

Just want to do a quick update on the wedding preparation! We will be having our ceremony at City Hall, and then brunch at Shangri-La’s Bosk restaurant.  It was kind of funny, because Anthony asked me if I’d ever tried the food there, I actually had not. So on Aug 23rd, we went to try out their brunch menu. The food turned out to be extremely good!  So I am …
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Middle of Wedding Preparation

Anthony and I are actually in the middle of wedding preparation now.  We’d discussed about getting married in the beginning of this year, and our wedding date has been set for Sept 26th of this year.  It’s actually quite a quick decision.  Even though it is a fast turn around, I feel that it is all that we need, because if it takes any longer, I think I would go …
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