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Brand New Website!

I’m super excited!!! That’s because my husband, Anthony, helped me revamp my website design! He finally has time to work on it, and it looks really good! There are a few things I changed. The first is the logo. I updated the logo design to give it a more lively feeling.       to       This coloured design is for the website. The black and white design is still …
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Redesign of my Affirmation

I can’t believe it’s July 6th already!  It’s been a month (and four days) since we had our son.  It’s been a steep learning curve for both my husband and myself. We’re constantly trying to get to know Damien, figuring out what he wants, what he needs, and getting a routine (or somewhat of a routine) going. Here are two pictures of his cute face here: Taken at 1 month …
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How to Set Up a Front Cover in InDesign: Dimensions

I am super excited!  That’s because I am starting to work on a new book!  It is going to be called “Our Lives, Our Love, Our Memories”.  It will be a fun book with various sections for couples to jot down details that they don’t want to forget.  Since I am starting a new book, I want to record down how I set up different documents in InDesign.  In this entry, I am going to set …
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Wander In Colour: With Cats Introduction!

This is my third Wander In Colour trip planner, and this is an edition with cute feline companions!  Behold the Wander In Colour: With Cats! Cute cats alert!!!  The idea for this journal came out all of a sudden!  I was browsing online, and came across this article called Top 15 Places Every Cat Lover Must Visit.  I don’t know about you, but I always like to idea to go travel …
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Wander in Colour Introduction!

My second Wander In Colour trip planner has arrived!   If you’re unable to watch the video, here’s a sneak peek of what is inside the trip planer.  This is a general world trip planner, and I am super excited about it! Since the Japan edition came out, I felt that I need to add a few more sections in here.  For this journal, I have added a “Must List” …
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