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Summary: How to Build a GREAT Story Plot

I entered a Writing Contest a few days ago.  The topic of the writing piece is “First Meetings”, and the story must be under 1500 words in length.  The main reason for me to enter this contest is because ALL the writers who submit their stories will be published!  If I am able to do this, then I will have have a first published piece! Now of course, I have started writing.  And it is so …
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Writing Contest

Joe Bunting, from the write practice, is hosting a writing contest called “The Becoming Writer”!  What’s the perk of entering?  Joe will publish everyone’s stories!  I am super excited because this is such an awesome idea!  The topic is “First Meetings”, and has to be under 1500 words.  I just submitted my application. Which means I need to start writing soon!

Affirmation Inspired by Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn was one of the speakers from the Publishing Summit.  After watching her interview, I became fascinated by this lady!  I went to her blog and learned more about her through this interview.  She talked about how she started writing, and the changes that happened since her first book.  She is very knowledgeable, interesting, and inspiring!  One of the stories I love the most is the affirmation note she wrote to herself.  Her …
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The Start of a Book Writing Journey

Recently, I came across Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing Success Summit.  Chandler hosted an 11-day summit and jam packed 45 speakers to talk about different aspects of self-publishing books.  These include writing, marketing and monetizing.  I had never thought about writing or publishing my own book before.  But after following Jeremy and Jason’s Internet Business Mastery podcast, and Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast, this idea is starting to catch.  Right now, the idea of …
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