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How I Edit Videos

So you think that book publishing is only publishing books right?  I guess when you’re in business, you have to learn everything.  That includes things to market and introduce your products. Of course, you can always pay someone to do it for you, but when you’re starting out, I guess it has to be DIY.  Recently, I attempted to record and edited a few videos.  It was actually quite fun …
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Setting up International Amazon Author Central

Step by step guide: how to sign up for International Amazon Author Central Recently, about a month ago, I published the first few of my books, and I found them live on Amazon (!!).  Since I knew that other authors have their own author pages, I want to have my own too!  My mentor, Kristen Joy from the Book Ninja, told me about Author Central.  So I went onto it and set up my very own Author …
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Book Publishing Ninja Review

In Oct 2015, I enrolled into Kristen Joy’s Book Publishing Ninja Course.  After creating my publishing company, and published a few of my own books (8 in total),  I am writing a review about this course. Disclaimer: I have purchased this course on my own accord, and do not receive any compensations.  The following is my honest review. Book Publishing Ninja course The Book Publishing Ninja course is taught by …
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Wacom Inutos Pro + Adobe Illustrator Guide

This is my new toy!!  Wacom Intuos Pro! I had been debating whether to get a drawing tablet or not, because with the amount of art work I have to do for my books, using a mouse is just a tad too daunting on both my wrist and fingers. After searching for a while, I have decided on the medium size Wacom Inutos Pro. I got it at Best Buy …
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Wander In Colour: Japan Introduction!

You know what else is more exciting than getting my Colour-Test reference books?  That would be getting my Wander in Colour: Japan trip planner! This is the journal I had been working on for the past month, and it has finally arrived!   If you are unable to watch the video above, here’s a few photos of what’s inside the book. First of all, this is the very important Trip …
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