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Wander in Colour Trip Planner Published!

Today I got my Wander in Colour: colouring trip planner and journal published! Even though I had published the Colour-Reference books, there is still a learning curve in terms of putting all the files together, making sure all the colours are okay, and uploading the files onto Ingram. I am super paranoid that I am doing something wrong. But here’s a screenshot of what it looks like: This is by …
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Got my colour-test reference books up!

I have finally posted my 7 different colour-test reference book files onto Ingram!!! This is a screenshot of how they kind of look like.     This calls for a celebration!! WOOHOO!! I can’t wait until they are approved, so I can order them!

Why I chose Ingram Spark for My Self-Publish Books (vs. Createspace)

Today, I setup my Ingram Spark account.  I’ll be publishing my books through Ingram, and this is going to be my preferred Print On Demand service.  That is because according to Kristen Joy, Ingram has better quality printing than Amazon’s Createspace. I had been reading up on various articles, this article by Giacomo Giammatteo gives a very detailed and in-depth comparison of the two.  I really like it, because it …
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Business Logo Finalists

The last week or so, I’d been working on my Wander Piggy business logo.  It’s been quite a fun process.  Trying to put the words and the image in various spots to see how it looks.  I had written about how I came up with my initial business logo before, and this is how it has evolved.   After much debate, I have settled with the one one on the …
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Save Money Incorporating Your Business Yourself

I ended up incorporate my business!  It was definitely a difficult decision. I will probably be putting in a lot of money at the end and not make a profit from it.  But I still did it because I read that it would be very difficult to transition a sole proprietor structure to a corporation structure.  Even though I have barely started, I do want this business to become bigger. …
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