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Save Money Incorporating Your Business Yourself

I ended up incorporate my business!  It was definitely a difficult decision. I will probably be putting in a lot of money at the end and not make a profit from it.  But I still did it because I read that it would be very difficult to transition a sole proprietor structure to a corporation structure.  Even though I have barely started, I do want this business to become bigger. …
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First Question for Kristen Joy

Over the weekend, I joined Kristen Joy’s Lifetime Email Coaching program.  Yesterday, I sent her my first question, and told her about my colouring trip planner idea.  Today, she replied to say that she really likes that idea because it is a combination of a colouring book and a trip planner.  I’m excited about it!  So it seems to be a good idea for me to go ahead with it!

Trip Planner Book Cover – Attempt 3

My Trip Planner Book Cover Attempt 3 I worked on the cover of my trip planner today.  This is what I have so far.  I am not sure what it is, but it doesn’t look very sophisticated.  I do not really like the blue and the green.  I’ll keep working on it.

Joining Kristen Joy’s Lifetime Email Coaching program

These few days, I received information about Kristen Joy‘s Lifetime Email Coaching program.  With this program, you get to send Kristen one question from Mon to Thurs about anything book publishing related.  I debated about whether to join or not.  But since I really do not know anything about book publishing, and need a lot of guidance, I think it is a good investment.  After going through her Book Publishing …
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The Birth of Color-Test Reference

The Birth of Color-Test Reference I love to watch people colour on youtube.  They are all so talented.  A few of my favourites are Chris Cheng, Peta Hewitt, Olly LoveArt.  While I love to colour, one of the things I find myself doing a lot is use a piece of scrap paper to test out my colours before I use it on my colouring page.   Recently, I found a video by …
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