The Birth of Color-Test Reference

The Birth of Color-Test Reference

I love to watch people colour on youtube.  They are all so talented.  A few of my favourites are Chris Cheng, Peta Hewitt, Olly LoveArt.  While I love to colour, one of the things I find myself doing a lot is use a piece of scrap paper to test out my colours before I use it on my colouring page.


Recently, I found a video by Peta Hewitt.  I love this girl and her artwork!  She is super creative, and all the coloring pages come to life after she finishes with them!  In this particular video called, “Recording Your Colours for Easy Reference“, Peta shows how she puts all her colors in a notebook, and labels them accordingly.

I got intrigued by this idea.  But instead of a notebook, I wanted to see if there is anything available already.  I searched on Amazon, but only found square testing pages.  That is when the idea strike me, and I decide to make my own icons!  I want to make fun icons, and they must have a number areas for me to test my colours.  This way, I can see the different strokes, blending or shading. colour reference for adult colouring book

I first made a flower, because I felt it offers different areas for me to test out a colour.  Then other ideas started coming to me, and I came up with a cat, a heart, a dog, a happy face, a mushroom, an ice cream (I love this one the most), a butterfly, a pencil, a gel pen, and a cupcake.  It is so much fun creating them.  However, it is quite difficult for me to narrow down to one icon, so I may decide to use a few of them.

So I am abandoning the trip planner briefly and see how quickly I can complete these books.  I may use them as my test run before publishing my trip planner.  We will see how that goes!

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