Coloring travel journal?

A few days ago, I was getting super frustrated with the illustrations for the children’s activity book.  I mean I can write a story, but I definitely cannot draw.  And to hire illustrators for the job may be a little too expensive for me right now.  So instead of working on the book, I decided to do some readings to find more inspirations and idea.  This is when I came across Kristen Joy’s Journal Design Basics course, and saw the following words:

Coloring Journal

I cannot believe what I saw!  Ideas started coming to my head after seeing this course!  Maybe I can do a colouring journal?  I am thinking of doing a coloring travel journal.  That means I can also use some of Tony Laidig’s Coloring Book Master Class material.  How cool would that be?  I am now super excited, and I will start working on it!

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