My first published short story

Just to recap, last month, Joe Bunting, from the write practice, hosted a “The Becoming Writer” writing contest.  In this contest, everyone who submits their work will get their piece published.  Today, he announced the winners of the writing contest.  And here is the link to all of the published stories!  My story is onto the list!  I am so happy when I saw it! It is called Making the Connection. This story is about the first time I treated a pediatric patient who had brain cancer.  One of the advice I received was to write it in a first person point of view.  I wrote the story in a third person pov the first time.  After I changed it, it indeed became more captivating.  I am very happy with the result.  It really captured the moment.

During the last few days, I tried to figure out what I want to do, but I did not try hard enough.  After seeing my published piece, it gave me some energy to keep going!  I should get more serious about this.

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