Goals for Feb

In January, I worked on a few illustrations for my colouring trip planner.  I used Inkscape for all the illustrations.  I finally decided that it’s going to be Japan themed, so I will create more Japan themed colouring pages for the trip planner.

Illustrations Wander in Colour

My goals for Feb:

For the month of February, in addition to working on more illustrations. I als0 need to learn more about setting up my business.  I got this idea from Kristen Joy’s Book Publishing Ninja course.  In one of the sessions, Kristen said that if you publish your book through someone else, it’s not called self-publishing.  That’s because you lose the rights to your book (depending on who the publisher is).  One of the awesome things about this course is that, she teaches you how to go about setting up different aspects to get your book published.  So far it seems straight forward, so I’ll consider doing it.

I need to learn more about the business structure in Canada.  I also need to search for bank information, and search for a lawyer/accountant.

My goal is to get this book out by the end of March (if possible!).  I’m so excited about it because I am already thinking about making more books for other places!  We will see how things go!

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