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So you think that book publishing is only publishing books right?  I guess when you’re in business, you have to learn everything.  That includes things to market and introduce your products. Of course, you can always pay someone to do it for you, but when you’re starting out, I guess it has to be DIY.  Recently, I attempted to record and edited a few videos.  It was actually quite fun to do!  Today I just want to introduce the two videos I used to learn how to edit my videos. They’re by this girl called Jennifer from JENerationDIY.  Let me say that, these younger generations are more knowledgeable in this high tech area!  There are many other videos on how to edit, and I am sure you will find something that you think will suit your learning needs.  I want to share two of Jennifer’s videos with you to get you started!

The software that you need is iMovie. I’m using my MacBook Pro, so it’s included in the bundle.

The first one is on how she edits her videos and how to make thumbnails.


The second one is how to move pictures and text in iMovie, have multiple overlays in iMovie, how to speed up and slow down clips, how to add annotations, and how to get cool fonts.



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