Setting up International Amazon Author Central

Step by step guide: how to sign up for International Amazon Author Central

Recently, about a month ago, I published the first few of my books, and I found them live on Amazon (!!).  Since I knew that other authors have their own author pages, I want to have my own too!  My mentor, Kristen Joy from the Book Ninja, told me about Author Central.  So I went onto it and set up my very own Author Central Page.  I wanted to dig a little deeper about the Author Central, and that’s when I came across a few blog posts about the International Amazon Author Central.  This is a great blog post by Grant W Cook about this topic.

Basically, there are a few Author Central Pages around the world.  They include  for US for UK for France for Germany for Japan

Unfortunately, these pages are not directly linked to each other, so you have to set up each account and claim your books individually.  It is a lot of work, but if you are interested to sell more books internationally, then you may want to consider setting up all of these Author Central pages!

Important Note:  The login email and password are accepted for the US, UK, France and Germany sites; while a separate profile (you can still use the same email) has to be made for the Japan site.

Signing up for Author Central Pages for US, UK, France and Germany

I am going to show you screenshots of how to sign up for the Germany Author Central page. For all the other countries, they are exactly the same.

Author Central Germany Sign Up

This is the welcome page.  Click the yellow button to “Join Author Central”

Author Central Germany Sign Up

This is where you can enter your email and password. Remember you can use the same log in for the US, UK, France and Germany sites.

If you don’t have an amazon account yet, then you can sign up as a new customer (select the first option).

Author Central Germany Sign Up

The first step after signing in is to “Accept” the Terms and Conditions.

de 03

Identify your author name, and click to “Continue”.

Author Central Germany Sign Up

Select English Book from the drop down menu, and type in your book title or ISBN. On the right, confirm “This is my book”.

Author Central Germany Sign Up

Confirm “This is Me” when your name comes up.

Author Central Germany Sign Up

An email will be sent to your inbox for security purpose.  Click on the link to activate your account and you will be directed to the registration complete page.

Author Central Germany Sign Up

Next, you can click on the yellow button to go to your Author Central page.

Author Central Germany Sign Up

This is where you can update your author bio, and upload your author photo.  The options are not as comprehensive as the US site.

So now, you can follow the exact same steps to setup your UK, US and France Author Central Pages.

Signing up for Author Central Pages for Japan

For the Japan site, you have to set up for a new profile.  Pretty much all the steps are the same, except for when you sign in with the email.  International Amazon Author Central

Select the new customer (first option).

International Amazon Author CentralThen input your “Name”, “Email address” twice, and “Password” twice.

International Amazon Author Central

Then “Accept” the rules.

International Amazon Author Central

And confirm your name.

You will then be led through the pages to select your books, confirm the email address to activate the account, and you’ll be able to update your author information.


So this wraps up the steps to setup your International Amazon Author Central Pages.  If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below.  I will try my best to answer all of the questions.  Thank you, until next time!

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