June Coloring Contest No Winner

The June Coloring Contest has come to a close. Unfortunately, no one entered the contest, so I was a bit disappointed. But I know that I didn’t get a chance to promote as much as I could because of the new baby. I would like to thank Maureen Kennedy from Adult Coloring 101 for helping me promote the contest! Make sure you check out her Facebook page because there are always great contests and giveaways!

I would also like to announce that I will be stopping the summer contest for now. So there will no longer be a contest in July and August. That’s because it is taking me and Anthony a lot of time to take care of baby Damien. This doesn’t mean I am stopping what I’m doing. I will continue to work on a few new projects, and share my baby journey! I want to thank everyone for participating, or signing up to get my coloring page! 🙂


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