Middle of Wedding Preparation

Anthony and I are actually in the middle of wedding preparation now.  We’d discussed about getting married in the beginning of this year, and our wedding date has been set for Sept 26th of this year.  It’s actually quite a quick decision.  Even though it is a fast turn around, I feel that it is all that we need, because if it takes any longer, I think I would go crazy!

On Apr 23rd, Anne went dress shopping with me. Anne is my colleague, but she is always there for me, and I consider her my older sister. This is the dress I settled with.

wedding dress frontwedding dress back

It is kind of funny, because this was actually the very first dress that Anne pulled out.  We pulled out around 8 dresses altogether. This was the last dress I tried on at the store. I didn’t think much about the dress until the sales girl took it off the hanger.  The moment I stepped foot into the dress, I knew this was the one!  It reminds me of the Nutcracker Prince, and I LOVE IT!   So this is the dress I decided on.

Anthony gave me the ring on July 2nd.  We had our friends Avi and Kanchan over for BBQ night.  It got a bit chillly on the rooftop, so we ended up back in the condo. He said he was going to give me the ring while we were still on the rooftop, but it didn’t work out.  It was still a surprise though, because I didn’t expect to get it 🙂


I had the hair and makeup trial today, and we followed up with an engagement photo session. I can’t wait to see the photos!

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