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First Book Sale at Crafteria held by Across U-hub (Sept 30th and Oct 1st)

On Wednesday Sept 13th, I was asked whether I would be interested to sell my books at the Crafteria: Arts and Handmade Pop Up Bazaar held by Across U-hub. I submitted my application, and it was approved! This is super exciting because this will be my first physical book sale event!

Wander In Colour Crafteria first book sale by Across U-hub

My First Book Sale at Crafteria by Across  U-hub

When Cecilia from Across, asked me whether I would be interested to sell my books, many feelings and thoughts ran through my mind. I was ecstatic, apprehensive, overwhelmed, and super excited! Up to this point, I have created a few books, and sold them online. But I haven’t taken the initiative to physically sell my books. I am definitely ecstatic about it because this will be a great opportunity for me to share with others what I’ve created. On the other hand, I am a little apprehensive, because I am physically stocking up books in preparation for this event. When I submitted my book orders, my stomach turned upside down. I thought to myself, can I really do this? What am I doing? I don’t really know how well my products will be received. Will I be stuck with a large pile of stock at the end of the event? All these negative thoughts ran through my mind at about a hundred miles per hour. But then I thought, at the end of the day, even if only one person buys one book, if they love it, then that’s why I made this. The other reason why I am a little nervous is because Anthony has a workshop to attend on both Sept 30th and Oct 1st. So I’m on my own to run this booth, and we have to find someone to look after our son. Luckily, my friend Jacqueline agreed to help me out for a little bit on Saturday, and Anthony’s aunts are available to take care of Beanie on both days. It’s a little scary because it’ll be our first time dropping him off with someone for babysitting! Although I’m sure it’ll be alright. Right now, there are a lot of things I still need to do to prepare for this event, and I feel like I don’t have time! But I want to thank Across for the opportunity and I am super excited about it!

I volunteered at Across many years ago. I learned a lot about myself, and gained many skill set through participating and organizing different programs. Across’ mission is to nurture youths holistically and to inspire them to become visionary leaders. This organization offers many different programs. There are regular programs, annual programs, and special programs. The regular programs include Refeel (explores creative expression), Tic Tac Toronto (increases awareness to community needs), and Youth Leadership Development Certificate (develops leadership skills). The annual programs include City Mosiac (learns about multiculturalism through Toronto’s edition of the Amazing Race) and Youth Leadership Camp (develops leadership qualities through group and solo activities in a camp setting). There are also various special programs. Crafteria is one of their special programs, and its mission is to cultivate the appreciation of art via various workshops and exhibitions.

At Crafteria, I will be selling my Wander In Colour: Colouring Trip Planners and Journal. I am now working on an inspirational journal and children activity book. Although all the products I’m creating are of different nature, they all share one thing in common, which is connection. I want the users to feel a connection with themselves and/or with someone else while using my products. For example, when you are recording details in the journal, I hope you’ll be more aware of your surroundings, or you’ll be more in tune with yourself when you reflect upon your trip. When you share your stories with other people, I hope you’ll build a stronger relationship with them. I want you to experience a sense of connection, which is what makes us human. 

I am looking forward to the event! The following is the information to Crafteria. If you’re free, come and check out all the artists’ hard work! Come on by to say hi to me!

Crafteria: Art and Handmade Pop-up Bazaar

How to use: Wander in Colour Trip Index

In this entry, I am going to give you an in-depth demonstration of how to use the Trip Index section.

Within the Wander in Colour trip planner, the Trip Index is what I considered to be the most important section of the journal.  If you are into bullet journalling, you will be familiar with this section.  It took me a little bit of time to understand how bullet journal works and what the hype is all about. But once I understood it, it seems like a plain notebook has transformed itself into the most flexible, and personalize-able book!  If there is such a word.  I’d come across many different trip planners, but I always see some sort of limitations in them.  Sometimes, you’re only allowed so many pages of writing area before it repeats again. Or there are prompts scattered throughout, and you may not want to address that prompt on that particular page, etc. With the Trip Index, you can now easily organize your trip information, research, drawings, stories, etc into one place. Then later on, you can use this section to easily search for any information afterwards. I have deliberately created this video to walk you through how to use the Trip Index section, so you can personalize this journal according to your need!

Click here for more information about the Wander In Colour trip planner.

How to use: Wander in Colour Itinerary

In this entry, I would like to showcase the Itinerary section in the Wander in Colour trip planner.

I have lighten up the lines in this section, because I want to allow you to draw if that’s what you want to do to show off your itinerary. Just because I know some of you are very artistic! When I look at people’s trip planners on pinterest, their creativities blow my mind ALL the time!  If you still want to write out your itinerary line by line, you’re also welcome to do so!  This is your journal, so you can do whatever you like with it!  This is a closeup of my itinerary sample.

How to use: Wander in Colour Itinerary

I filled out this sample itinerary according to my last Japan trip in Oct 2016.  My best friend got married beginning of October, and they wanted to go to Japan for their honeymoon.  But since they’d never been, and I’d been a couple of times, he asked my husband and me whether we would like to go with them.  Hello!!  I would never say no to going to Japan!  So that’s what we did.  Those were the places we went to.  It was really fun!  The main highlight was definitely the AkibaKart on the 20th, where we dressed up in Mario costumes and drove around Japan.  This is a photo of us driving the small carts on the streets of Tokyo with other cars!

akiba kart

I was Yoshi, my husband was Luigi, my best friend was Mario, and his wife was Toad. Just to point out something funny, if you take a look at the itinerary above, when I tried to draw Yoshi, it turned out looking like… Godzilla??!  Yes… that’s the extent of my artistic skills!

Anyway, just for the fun of it, I’m going to show you the video I put together.  I hope you enjoy it!

The music in this video is Elexive – Free Your Soul

Click here for more information about the Wander In Colour trip planner.

How to use: Wander In Colour Flight Schedules

Hello, in this post, I would like to show a quick video on how to fill out the flight schedules section. For me, I like to have everything in one spot, that means I want to know what time my flight is, so that I can figure out what time I need to leave for the airport, and how long it takes to get to the airport.  You can now tell I am fairly detail oriented.  So let me show you a sample of a filled out page.

As you can see below, majority of the fields are pretty self explanatory.  You can fill in the departure airport, departure date/time, connecting flights, etc. I have also provided a place to jot down any baggage information.  That’s because nowadays, airlines start charging people an arm and a leg to check in their baggage, and I think it’s a good idea to take this into account.  With this section, I have a blank spots for you to fill out any information you need to help you get to the airport.  So that you’re well prepared for the trip abroad and the trip home!


And once again, I put together a really quick video of me filling out the flight schedules section.  It’s not for demonstrative purpose, but just thought it was cool since I’m doing it already. I hope you enjoy!

The super cool music is from Lyfo – High

Click here for more information about the Wander In Colour trip planner.

How to use: Wander In Colour Accommodation

Hello, in this post, I would like to show a quick video on how to fill out the accommodation section. For those who know me, I always need to know where I am going, and how I am getting there.  Especially when I am at a foreign place.  I don’t like unpleasant surprises, and makes me extremely uncomfortable if I have to scramble to figure things out last-minute. So let’s show you a sample of a filled out page.

As you can see below, majority of the fields are pretty self-explanatory.  You can fill in the hotel name, reservation number, address, etc.  I would like to take a moment to explain the “Getting to the accom” on the right a little bit more.  I provided this blank area to give you a little more space to put down anything you can think of.  If let’s say you need to take the bus from the airport, you can write down the bus number, and station name, etc.  Or if let’s say you need to order a shuttle bus, you can write down how much it cost and reservation number.  As you can see, I had also drawn a little map of the area close to the hotel, so you can get an orientation of which street you’re looking for, or the walking direction.  You can put as much, or as little, detail as you like on this.

accommodation how to use


I put together a really quick video of me filling out the accommodation section.  It is not meant to demonstrate “how to” in the video.  Since it is super small and no one can see the detail.  But I thought it is kind of cool to share the video.  Just because I can.  It’s a very short clip, so I hope you enjoy!

The super cool music is from Lyfo – High

Click here for more information about the Wander In Colour trip planner.

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