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Brand New Website!

I’m super excited!!! That’s because my husband, Anthony, helped me revamp my website design! He finally has time to work on it, and it looks really good!

There are a few things I changed.

The first is the logo. I updated the logo design to give it a more lively feeling.

This coloured design is for the website. The black and white design is still the official business logo.

The second change I made is the addition of the Resources section. This is where I share various resources that I found useful in my self-publishing journey. I will expand this section as I keep learning more.

I also added the Life & Family section. Since I have become a new mom, I think it’ll be nice to share things that I learned, things that I find useful, or random things about life that I think would be of interest to you.

And of course, the biggest change is the design and layout of the website. Here’s a screenshot of the old one.

old website

It was a nice website. I remember making that banner myself, and collaborating with Anthony about what I want on it. Initially, I had no clue what I want to put on it, or how I want it to be laid out. Now that I have spent a bit more time with the website, I have a better sense of which direction I want to take my blog, and how I want it to look like. I’m so glad that my husband is able to help me revamp my website to make it look more professional.

There are a lot of easy and cheap tools out there that you can use to make your own website. But if you want to make yours unique and professional, then it is best to have someone help you with it. I remember when I first started setting up my blog, I always find some sort of shortcomings in all the themes I tried out. But Anthony is able to help me personalize the website to the way I want. So if you need a new website, or if you want to update your website, I would recommend for you to get in contact with Anthony!

How I Edit Videos

So you think that book publishing is only publishing books right?  I guess when you’re in business, you have to learn everything.  That includes things to market and introduce your products. Of course, you can always pay someone to do it for you, but when you’re starting out, I guess it has to be DIY.  Recently, I attempted to record and edited a few videos.  It was actually quite fun to do!  Today I just want to introduce the two videos I used to learn how to edit my videos. They’re by this girl called Jennifer from JENerationDIY.  Let me say that, these younger generations are more knowledgeable in this high tech area!  There are many other videos on how to edit, and I am sure you will find something that you think will suit your learning needs.  I want to share two of Jennifer’s videos with you to get you started!

The software that you need is iMovie. I’m using my MacBook Pro, so it’s included in the bundle.

The first one is on how she edits her videos and how to make thumbnails.


The second one is how to move pictures and text in iMovie, have multiple overlays in iMovie, how to speed up and slow down clips, how to add annotations, and how to get cool fonts.



Setting up International Amazon Author Central

Step by step guide: how to sign up for International Amazon Author Central

Recently, about a month ago, I published the first few of my books, and I found them live on Amazon (!!).  Since I knew that other authors have their own author pages, I want to have my own too!  My mentor, Kristen Joy from the Book Ninja, told me about Author Central.  So I went onto it and set up my very own Author Central Page.  I wanted to dig a little deeper about the Author Central, and that’s when I came across a few blog posts about the International Amazon Author Central.  This is a great blog post by Grant W Cook about this topic.

Basically, there are a few Author Central Pages around the world.  They include

authorcentral.amazon.com  for US

authorcentral.amazon.co.uk for UK

authorcentral.amazon.fr for France

authorcentral.amazon.de for Germany

authorcentral.amazon.co.jp for Japan

Unfortunately, these pages are not directly linked to each other, so you have to set up each account and claim your books individually.  It is a lot of work, but if you are interested to sell more books internationally, then you may want to consider setting up all of these Author Central pages!

Important Note:  The login email and password are accepted for the US, UK, France and Germany sites; while a separate profile (you can still use the same email) has to be made for the Japan site.

Signing up for Author Central Pages for US, UK, France and Germany

I am going to show you screenshots of how to sign up for the Germany Author Central page. Continue reading