June Colour Contest Prize Pack: Travel Between the Lines by Geoff and Katie Matthews

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I can’t believe it’s June 18th already, that means the deadline for the June Coloring Contest is coming up!!!

Today, I would like to tell you a little bit more about one of the prizes, Travel Between the Lines, by Geoff and Katie Matthews from Wandertooth!

In the middle of May, while I was looking on Amazon to see what I can include, I came across three travel-themed coloring books by Geoff and Katie Matthews.  When I saw the books, I instantly fell in love with them!  Geoff and Katie are a couple from Canada, who quit their jobs in 2009 to travel around the world.  In 2012, they started Wandertooth to document their travel through blogs and videos.  At the end of Dec 2015, they published their first travel-themed coloring book called Travel Between the Lines.

There are 47 illustrations in the book, and all of them are created from the photos taken by Geoff and Katie.  In May 2016, they focused on Mexico, and came out with Travel Between the Lines Coloring Mexico with 40 illustrations.  You can definitely check out some of the original photos that they took, which they used to transform into the magical coloring pages!

Most recently in Oct 2016, they published Travel Between the Lines Coloring Rome with 38 illustrations.

I am super excited to share one of these great coloring books with our June Contest winner!  Make sure you check out their website, and make sure you follow them on FB and Twitter!!

I will also be including a Wander In Colour, one of my coloring trip planners. My goal for the trip planner is to bring you back to the present moment, may it be researching for your trip, or documenting your trip. It is created to help you organize all the trip details and stories, so at the end, you can easily share your awesome travel adventures with others!

Wander In Colour World Edition

This contest is only open to US and Canadian residents. For those of you who are eligible, it’s not too late to join the June Coloring Contest if you’re interested to have a chance at winning! If you live outside of US and Canada, I would still love for you to sign up, so that I can share with you a copy of my coloring page!  Check out the June Coloring Contest for more details!

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