Wacom Inutos Pro + Adobe Illustrator Guide

This is my new toy!!  Wacom Intuos Pro!
wacom intuos pro

I had been debating whether to get a drawing tablet or not, because with the amount of art work I have to do for my books, using a mouse is just a tad too daunting on both my wrist and fingers.

After searching for a while, I have decided on the medium size Wacom Inutos Pro. I got it at Best Buy as an open item.  So it’s not brand new, but who cares!  It’s a bit dusty when I opened it.  But it still works! Now I have to learn how to use this thing properly…

This is a picture of the actual device, Hello Beautiful!
wacom intuos pro


I’ve started using Adobe Illustrator, and I found this set of youtube video very useful.  It is called the Complete Beginners Guide to Adobe Illustrator by TastyTuts.  There are four videos in total.  And there are worksheets for you to download so you can practice.  I LOVE this set of videos!  I hope you will find them useful too!

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