Wander In Colour: Japan Introduction!

You know what else is more exciting than getting my Colour-Test reference books?  That would be getting my Wander in Colour: Japan trip planner! This is the journal I had been working on for the past month, and it has finally arrived!


If you are unable to watch the video above, here’s a few photos of what’s inside the book.

Wander In Colour: Japan
Wander In Colour: Japan

First of all, this is the very important Trip Index page. The Trip Index Page is the bread and butter of the whole journal. It helps you stay organized and allows you to easily search for information. If you want to find out more how to use the Trip Index, click HERE to find out more.

Trip Index


Here is the Flight Schedules section

Flight Schedules


Next, I show you 2 of the 13 colouring pages

Wander in Colour JapanWander In Colour Japan


There is also a Fun Stuff section, so you can know a little bit more about Japan

Wander In Colour Japan


Here is the About Me page. Wander In Colour Japan


If you are interested to find out how to use the journal, please check out the Part I and II of the Wander in Colour videos!

Wander In Colour: Japan How To Part 1

Wander In Colour Japan Video Part 2


I hope that you enjoy Wander in colour: Japan, it can now be purchased on Amazon!  I also have other versions of the Wander in Colour, check them out in the Book section!

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