Wander in Colour World Edition Published!

I had been pretty much out of commission for the last few months due to nausea.  Thank goodness I am not vomiting!  But still, it’s difficult since I would feel nauseous after every meal.  This is bad to the point where I do not want to eat anything.  Everyday, Anthony would ask me, “What do you want to eat?” for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I would hate to answer that question.  I can’t even eat pizza without feeling nauseous, and I LOVE PIZZZA!!!  *cries*

Despite all that, I managed to finally upload my Wander in Colour world edition onto Ingram Spark!  I am so happy I have it  published!  It took me so long to work on this trip planner.  But at least I got it done.  I can’t wait until I get this book in my hands!

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