Wedding Day Over!

After so many months, the wedding day is finally over! We’re waiting at the airport to fly out now.  We’ll be going to Manila first to see Anthony’s family.  I’d never met his family before.  His dad’s health has been declining, so we want to see him first.  We’ll be in Manila for 1 week, and then we’ll be flying to Tokyo and spend another week there.

So all of last week, I was doing last minute packing and cleaning.  Yesterday, I spent my last day at home with my parents.  I felt kind of sad, because I’m finally leaving my parents after so many years. After dinner, Anne came to pick me and Anthony up and we went to Shangri-La hotel to stay for the night. My best friend Kai-An also came to visit.

Here’s Anne and I acting stupid in the Shangri-La washroom.

Kai-An’s visit.

Anthony and I with CN Tower in the background.


This morning, the makeup girl came to do my hair and makeup. This was us goofing off before the photographer came.

We went around to take photos before the ceremony.  We were supposed to have our ceremony at 10:30.  We arrived at 10:10, and the couple who was supposed to get married at 10am did not show up yet!  So we were able to start our ceremony earlier.

Afterwards, we took some group photos and headed to Bosk at Shangri-La for brunch.

All in all, it was a great day!

Afterwards, Anne drove us home, so we could finish packing.  She then came to pick us up after dinner to drive us to the airport.  And that’s how we got here!  I can’t believe that it’s all over!  After so many months of planning and stress, all the laughter and tears, Anthony and I are finally married!  Honeymoon here we come!

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