Wander in Colour with Beverly?

Recently, I’d been working on the illustrations for my next trip planner, Wander in Colour.  This is going to be the world edition.  As my last one was focused on Japan.  I would like to make one for all the other travel enthusiasts!

Two days ago, I ran into Beverly’s husband, Mark.  Beverly is an OR nurse, and we know each other from working together.  Bev got the rare kind of lung cancer, where only healthy non-smoking Asian female are susceptible to. It is really sad to know that she has recently been admitted to the hospital. I went to visit her, and started talking about going on trips.  And that’s when I thought, maybe I can collaborate with her, where she can look up some of her trip photos, and I can use them as my illustrations!  It would be a nice memory for them.  I’ll ask her when I go see her next time.

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