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Sharing my self-publishing adventure, life as a new mom, and other tidbits.

Welcome to Wander Piggy!

Hello! I’m Claudia! I’m so excited you’re here, welcome to my blog!

I’m currently learning how to self-publish books, and embarking on a journey to be a new-mom.  This is a place where I share the ups and downs of my journey, and all the interesting things that happen in my life.

There are many different types of books I would like to create and produce. Even though they are of different nature, there is one theme to link all of them, which is connection. I want you to feel a connection while using my products, whether it is with yourself or with others. The world of digital technology is making the world spin too fast. I want my products to slow down the time for you, bring you back to the present moment, where you can reflect, where you can sense, where you can connect. Check out some of the books I’ve created in the Books section. So far, I have published three Wander In Colour trip planners, and I am working on a new set of children’s activity books and inspirational journals. I hope to create more fun and interactive books in the future.

If you’re interested in book-publishing, I have included a few resources that I found helpful. You can also read about my book-publishing journey.

Come on in and check out my Blog and take a look around!  If you’re interested to self-publishing your own books, or if you’re a new mom like me, I would love to hear from you!  You can also connect with me through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter! Looking forward to chatting with you soon. Thank you for stopping by!

Jim Rohn’s Secret of Success: “Could, Should, Will”

Posted on by wanderpiggy

I’m a sucker for listening to motivational speakers. But I find that I’d only get motivated by them for a short period of time, and then my momentum would stop for whatever reason. I’d tried many, many times, and this pattern would continue. I would end up getting super frustrated and discouraged. It can be extremely upsetting. Then on December 23rd, 2017, I came across Skinny Confidential’s article called “How …
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An Emotional Year – A 2017 Review

Posted on by wanderpiggy

How can it be 2018 already? 2017 had sneaked by so quickly I need to figure out where it went! It felt like we’d somehow pressed the fast forward button after the birth of our child and we got stuck in the fast forward  mode! 2017 was definitely a year filled with many different emotions and many firsts. In this post, I would like to focus on a few highlights, …
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Inspired and Colorful Life: Coloring Journal now published!

Posted on by anthony

I’m super excited! Because my coloring inspirational journal is finally published! I uploaded it on Jan 1st at midnight. Right now just waiting for the document to be processed so I can order a book for pre-approval. This is my first inspirational journal. I have chosen the door theme, as door holds a lot of meaning. When it’s closed, you don’t know what is behind it. There are so many …
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First Book Sale Experience

Posted on by wanderpiggy

I held my first book sale at the Crafteria event hosted by Across U-hub this weekend. It was by far the most exciting and nerve wracking event ever! In addition to experiencing many firsts, I was able to get a better vision for Wander Piggy. In this blog, I would like to share my experience with you. First Book Sale Experience Concerns prior to the book sale Before Crafteria, I …
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