Lettering Pieces 21-25

Once again, it took me 2 weeks to finish 5 pieces.  But I’d been trying to cramp in a bunch of other stuff. I really want to get my new coloring inspirational journal going, but it’s a fight between that or lettering. Anyway, without further excuses, here’re the next 5!

Lettering Pieces #21 – #25

Feb 17th

lettering journey - spread sriracha not hate21/100 This one is a bit difficult, I do end up liking it, but I wish I can fix the lettering for the word “hate”.


Feb 19th

lettering journey - my child's favourite toy is the tag.. on the toy22/100 when you have a kid, that’s when you find the strangest things… hahaha


Feb 26th

lettering journey - the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart23/100 I love this quote a lot. And I like how the pinkish colour came through from the photo editing!


Feb 27th

lettering journey - a dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work24/100 This is actually one of the quotes I will be using for the upcoming coloring inspirational journal. I still need to work on it!!


Mar 3rd

lettering journey - Husband - best friend, lover, partner in crime25/100 This is a late homework from Lauren Hom’s challenge. I have to say that without my husband, I wouldn’t have taken on or attempted many things. It’s nice to have someone who is supportive and encouraging.


How can it be March already? I am not quite sure. On Mar 1st, I’d contacted Mini from @colourwithlove to collaborate on a project. Since I am new to lettering/calligraphy, I want to come up with something fun while working on the lettering basics. Don’t really know how this will work out yet!

I’d been looking up equipment for dip pens these past few days, and when I saw this video on dip pen flourishing by Heather Victoria Held, I instantly fell in love!  So I started looking up people who does flourshing with dip pen, and came across this lady called Traci Thompson, and I was totally blown away! I really hope I can flourish and draw like she does!

On March 1st, I came across Paul Antonio’s youtube videos, and learning about his copperplate manual. OMG!!! I’m in love!!! He’s so good, and I can’t wait until his manual is out, so I can finally learn copperplate properly!

All these brand new things are coming right at me, and I’m super pumped! I need to focus so I can accomplish all that I want!

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