Redesign of my Affirmation

I can’t believe it’s July 6th already!  It’s been a month (and four days) since we had our son.  It’s been a steep learning curve for both my husband and myself. We’re constantly trying to get to know Damien, figuring out what he wants, what he needs, and getting a routine (or somewhat of a routine) going. Here are two pictures of his cute face here:

Taken at 1 month (on July 2nd). Of course it has to be a crying face!


Power to the people! (with his fish face)

Even though it’s been tough, I did enjoy spending every moment with him, because I saw how fast he’s grown within a very short period of time. I got very emotional a week ago when I noticed how he barely fit into the Winnie the Pooh onesie. I know very soon, he’ll be crawling and walking, and this moment will forever be in the past. So I try to treasure every moment of it. But there are also times when I am sitting in bed holding him, all I feel is time passing by, and I haven’t gotten a chance to work on what I want to work on. Dilemma of a new mom!

Last week, I was talking to my friend Maureen, from Adult Coloring 101. In the email, I said that I would like to set a goal, even though it is a bit of an ambitious goal, maybe that’s what I need to keep me focus. My goal is to publish two books by the end of the year. These will be children story/activity books! I’m very excited about the ideas I have. The one setback I have is I am not an illustrator, so coming up with how the characters will look is the biggest challenge. I spent the past two nights gathering a lot of drawing/sketching references. Today, I tried to do a few simple sketches of my main characters. I seriously wish I know how to draw! It was a bit disappointing, but I will keep working on it!

Tonight, I thought I would revisit the affirmation I created back in 2015. It’s been two years since I stumbled upon the idea of self-publishing! I can’t believe it’s been two years, and I am proud, because I did publish a few books already. And to do a little Throw Back Thursday, this was the affirmation I created.

my affirmation

As I mentioned in my previous post, this affirmation was inspired by Joanna Penn. In it, she talked about how her affirmation was, “I am creative, I am an author.” For the longest time, she felt she wasn’t creative, but now she is extremely successful in what she is doing. I created the above affirmation two years ago, and tonight, I feel I need to redesign it to start the ball rolling again. So ladies and gentlemen, I present you once again, my affirmation.


And of course, I do not in any way feel like I am an author or an artist, but I am fun and creative, so I guess that count for something! We’ll see how things go!

So what about you? Do you have your own affirmation?  If you do, what is yours?  If you don’t, what would you like yours to be? I would love to hear what yours is ?

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