How to use: Wander In Colour Flight Schedules

Hello, in this post, I would like to show a quick video on how to fill out the flight schedules section. For me, I like to have everything in one spot, that means I want to know what time my flight is, so that I can figure out what time I need to leave for the airport, and how long it takes to get to the airport.  You can now tell I am fairly detail oriented.  So let me show you a sample of a filled out page.

As you can see below, majority of the fields are pretty self explanatory.  You can fill in the departure airport, departure date/time, connecting flights, etc. I have also provided a place to jot down any baggage information.  That’s because nowadays, airlines start charging people an arm and a leg to check in their baggage, and I think it’s a good idea to take this into account.  With this section, I have a blank spots for you to fill out any information you need to help you get to the airport.  So that you’re well prepared for the trip abroad and the trip home!


And once again, I put together a really quick video of me filling out the flight schedules section.  It’s not for demonstrative purpose, but just thought it was cool since I’m doing it already. I hope you enjoy!

The super cool music is from Lyfo – High

Click here for more information about the Wander In Colour trip planner.

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