How to use: Wander in Colour Itinerary

In this entry, I would like to showcase the Itinerary section in the Wander in Colour trip planner.

I have lighten up the lines in this section, because I want to allow you to draw if that’s what you want to do to show off your itinerary. Just because I know some of you are very artistic! When I look at people’s trip planners on pinterest, their creativities blow my mind ALL the time!  If you still want to write out your itinerary line by line, you’re also welcome to do so!  This is your journal, so you can do whatever you like with it!  This is a closeup of my itinerary sample.

How to use: Wander in Colour Itinerary

I filled out this sample itinerary according to my last Japan trip in Oct 2016.  My best friend got married beginning of October, and they wanted to go to Japan for their honeymoon.  But since they’d never been, and I’d been a couple of times, he asked my husband and me whether we would like to go with them.  Hello!!  I would never say no to going to Japan!  So that’s what we did.  Those were the places we went to.  It was really fun!  The main highlight was definitely the AkibaKart on the 20th, where we dressed up in Mario costumes and drove around Japan.  This is a photo of us driving the small carts on the streets of Tokyo with other cars!

akiba kart

I was Yoshi, my husband was Luigi, my best friend was Mario, and his wife was Toad. Just to point out something funny, if you take a look at the itinerary above, when I tried to draw Yoshi, it turned out looking like… Godzilla??!  Yes… that’s the extent of my artistic skills!

Anyway, just for the fun of it, I’m going to show you the video I put together.  I hope you enjoy it!

The music in this video is Elexive – Free Your Soul

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