Wander in Colour Introduction!

My second Wander In Colour trip planner has arrived!


If you’re unable to watch the video, here’s a sneak peek of what is inside the trip planer.  This is a general world trip planner, and I am super excited about it!

Wander In Colour

Since the Japan edition came out, I felt that I need to add a few more sections in here.  For this journal, I have added a “Must List”

Wander in Colour Must list

There are 13 colouring pages of various parts of the world.

Wander in Colour

Wander in Colour

The making of this trip planner was actually fairly bitter-sweet.  During that time, my friend Beverly was battling cancer, and she had become weaker.  I wanted to partner with her to make this trip planner.  I wanted to use some of her travel photos as inspirations to the colouring pages.  However, she moved on fairly quickly and it did not happen.  That’s why I dedicated this trip planner to her to remind everyone that life is precious, and we should treasure every single moment of it.



The world edition of Wander In Colour can be purchased on Amazon!  I also have other versions of the Wander in Colour, check them out in the Book section!

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